Last But Not Least.

95e1b86e480bb08894d5fd55b5b60b04_largeIt is a bittersweet ending to my freshman year here at college and I cannot believe that next week it will all be over. I am so lucky to have met so many great people and learned so much not just about my homework but about myself also. I could have never imagined all of the great things I would do my freshman year and I could NEVER have thought of how fast it was going to go.

Next week I will pack up all of my things, say goodbye to some of my¬†bestfriends, and head home for four months. I can’t wait to be spending time in the sun with my family and catching up with my old friends but with my friends from college not being there with me it won’t be the same. If someone would have told me that I would move to a university 5 hours away from my house knowing no one, I probably would not have believed them. But it has honestly been one of the greatest times of my life.


The Standards Of Service.


The standards of service coming from a small town moving to a city is one of the largest changes you will see. In my small town, they still put your gas in the car, when you drive by every single person will wave, and everyone is just genuinely nice. That is something that you will rarely see in a large city. Because when you move to a big city you get more privacy but you also get ignored a lot more. Many people will tell you that they like the small town life a lot more because of the services that you get there. They are a major advantage of living in a small town.

Deprived From Diverse.


When you grow up in a small town, there is not a whole lot of diversity going on. Think about this, when you spend the past 12 years going to school with the same kids you met on your first day of pre-school, you all start to relate and become similar to each other. Then you move to college and none of your former friends are there to support you and every single person that you meet is going to be different than the people you grew up with. The great thing is, is that they are going through the same thing too. There are not many times in life that you get a “second chance” but college is one of them. Every one gets to determine who they are without there childhood friends being by there side. Along with the starting over in college, there are so many different types of people that you will meet in college. There is nothing wrong with expanding your friends and learning new things from them and it is honestly one of the greatest things I have ever went through.

Meanings Mean Everything

If something is lacking a meaning, what is the importance of the matter? NOTHING. I know that anywhere you go, music can be universal. From a small town person to the big city life, music can be heard and understood anywhere.

The song full of emotion and meaning is Macklemore’s Same Love. In this song, Macklemore talks about how the world is so hateful that some people would rather take their life than trying to be who they are. He wrote the song about his uncle who is gay and the stuggles that he has encountered. This song can touch many lives and has changed many peoples lives. He states that there are no people that should be hated but the action should be hated. When people see a big named celebrity trying to help, it reaches out to many letting them know they can be who they are and not always be judged.

Macklemore clearly states in the song that he believes that there is nothing wrong with gay marriage and supports equal rights. Before he was signed to a record company, Macklemore was let go by many because they did not want to support this song and he was not going to settle and say he was against it. After years of waiting, he finally got signed and people are now looking up to him and he has inspired thousands of people to believe in themselves.

Fame Is Fabulous

When coming from a small town you might feel like you are not not important enough to do something that will change the world. You see, fame comes in all types. Whether someone is famous for singing, acting, comedy, or for playing sports, they are all effecting not only their own life but also influencing others.

When you become famous, you suddenly get a fan base. Having a fan base means that now many people are looking up to you and watching every move blaming you for their mistakes. It doesn’t seem fair but when you are idolized, that happens.

With all of the different fan base comes different size audiences. No matter where you are from or where you end up, you can have people looking up to you. When I saw the picture on this blog, it reminded me that you don’t have to be the most succesful singer or actress in the world, but a small town person can make a change. It doesn’t matter the amount of people you inspire because it only takes one person at a time.Image


tumblr_mkmtijwKdo1rjpvndo1_1280_largeThe end of my freshman year at college is coming to an end very quickly but with the bittersweet moments, thinking of the summer and relaxation is keeping my mood up. No matter where you are from, small town or a big city, you will always look forward to spending the summer with your friends while not having to worry about the thought of homework, classes, or being pale, but instead look forward to vacations, bonfires, and being at the lake.Even though small town kids might have different summer activities than big city kids, it all ends up being some form of relaxation. When you have 8 or 9 months filled with classes and school, you just feel the need to have a break and have some fun.
Even though I just posted about how stress free the short spring breaks and holiday breaks are, knowing that you do not have to have any school for four months tops all of those breaks! I have yet to spend that much time back home since moving away to college but since we have spent so much time apart from each other I am hoping that we will appreciate our time together more!

Secrets are Sacred

tumblr_mk2f18fnBS1s560xbo1_500_largeSecrets are not something that is kept to yourself in the small town life. Many people will even find out things before your own family does. Once something is out… it spreads like wildfire after that. That is honestly one of the worst things about living in a small town because everyone wants to know everyones business.
In our town, we get a paper once a week telling us what has and is going to happen in our town. In that they include every single person who got pulled over, how much their ticket was for, and why they got pulled over. Although it is very interesting to read, it’s pretty embarrassing when it happens to you.

In a big city, something like that is unheard of. Can you imagine if they would post every single police report and complaint call? It would need its own paper. Even if they did that, you wouldn’t know every single person so the information would be useless to you. That is the major difference in the social aspect of the two living situations. If you know every single person in the paper, than it is pure entertainment and nosey-ness. No that type of behavior is not needed but it is sure encouraged by a lot of small towns.

Pricacy is something you lose when you become famous or if you live in a small town. Move to a big city and they do not care about if you made the paper, they barely care if you have a warrent out for you arrest. Crazy to think that when you move out of the small town life, you have more to worry about than getting caught up in caddy drama.